Attending America's Finest Comic Expo

Don't be scared (of zombies, aliens, or registration lines). We've got you covered!

Don't be scared (of zombies, aliens, or registration lines). We've got you covered!


Are you an industry professional working in comic books, TV, film, games, and related pop culture jobs? PROVE IT!

Just fill out the form below and you'll be put on our mailing list. If there's space for more pros to attend this year's convention, we'll ask for proof of professional status. 

To prove you're a pro, you'll need an official letter from your employer, a website link showing you're legit, an IMDB profile or similar. 


Didn't pre-register at last year's event?

Didn't get through during online registration? 

You're in luck! We will have a limited number of on-site 4-day registration passes available on Thursday. If any remain after Thursday... oh, who are we kidding? They'll be sold out by then. 

We do have a lottery set up for returned badges. Just fill out the form below and you'll be put on our mailing list.


Media Passes

Room 7G is the official Expo Media Room—with free wireless Internet access! It's a quiet space for writing articles, recording stories for broadcast, or just escaping the con. 

PLEASE NOTE #1: All scheduled interviews must start and end on time. No exceptions.

PLEASE NOTE #2: All round-table or on-camera interviews must be arranged through the publicist for that given project or company. The Expo publicity team has no control over these schedules and cannot “squeeze you in” no matter where you work.

PLEASE NOTE #3: DO NOT attempt to eat or drink items from the professionals' station behind the blue-curtained holding area. Those are for invited guests only. 

To submit for press credentials, fill out the form below and we'll add you to our mailing list.


Faster than a speeding tourist on a Segway! More powerful than an irate comic book creator! Able to navigate a convention restroom in a single bound! It's. . . an AFCBE volunteer!

It takes thousands of volunteers to run a convention this large, and we want YOU to join the team!

  • You'll get our undying love!
  • You'll get into the event for free!
  • And you'll get a free volunteer T-shirt!

This year, it's an incredible Elemental shirt drawn by the amazing artist and invited guest Frank Svengsouk. It's also the first officially licensed Elemental product in more than 30 years! Featuring that clever cultural appropriation and liberal feminist ideals that could only come from white male television writers in the 1970s, this shirt is sure to be a huge hit -- at home, at work, and on eBay.

Here is the first sketch, but the final shirt will be in full color on a black T.

To volunteer, please fill out the form below and send us your info, We'll put you on the mailing list.


Comic Book Expo Registration Form

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Hotel Information


Reservations for America's Finest Comic Book Expo 2018 hotel rooms open this spring.

In May, this space will list all the official convention hotels and special rates for convention attendees. Everyone on the AFCBE mailing list will be also be sent info.

(We know we promised info in January, and then February, and then again in March, but the new hotel contracts took a long time to negotiate. And we hired a convention staffer to rework the hotel registration website, which is always a mistake. But we're working both things out. Thanks for your patience.)

Make sure to act fast when booking, because you don't want to be stuck camping  out in front of the convention center rather than in a nice, cozy bed. (Unless you're trying to get into a panel in Hall H. Then do what you gotta do...)



If you are staying at one of the official hotels that have partnered with America’s Finest Comic Book Expo, please behave appropriately. While we understand that many of you look to save money and share rooms during the event, there is a limit on how many people can safely inhabit a hotel room. Please adhere to the policies set down by the property, and don’t try cramming ten people into a room that was designed for four. Likewise, loud parties of any kind will not be tolerated—whether the noise was created due to excessive drinking, excitement leading to the masquerade, or any other legal adult activity. Our partner hotels function independently of the Expo. If you and your friends are ejected from a property due to inappropriate behavior, there is nothing we can do to rectify the situation.

Thanks for your understanding.

--Robert Griffis, AFCBE President

Exhibit hall Information

You've got stuff to sell? A project to promote? We've got the largest comic convention exhibit hall in the United States!


Exhibits Are Full

There is no more room available for the 2018 show. If you want to be put on the wait list, please fill out the form below. 

major companies fill the floor


Once again, America's Finest Comic Book Expo is working to bring you the biggest names in comic books and pop culture -- and the most exciting news is that Ragnarök Comics has agreed to appear again at the 2018 show. You'll not only be able to score some cool freebies, but Ron Lionel is again offering a panel and autograph session. (Wristbands will be given out in a lottery on Thursday and Friday mornings for the autograph signing. Interested attendees should make the Ragnarök booth their first stop.)

We're also working on deals with Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, Image, Fantagraphics, Oni Press and multiple other comic companies, along with Warner Bros., Disney, Sony, Lionsgate and more.  We'll have more info to come.



All of us at America's Finest Comic Book Expo are thrilled to have Ragnarök Comics and their star creator, Ron Lionel, returning to the 2018 show. Because past incidents at the convention have been understandably stressful for Mr. Lionel, he has requested that attendees refrain from commenting or asking questions about it. 

Knowing how respectful you fans are, I assured him that wouldn't be a problem. Thank you for understanding, and let's have an amazing 2018 convention!

--Robert Griffis, AFCBE President

image:  Flickr

image: Flickr

Comic Book Expo Gaming

Gaming at America's Finest Comic Book Expo is huge, taking up the entire mezzanine level at the Convention Center. In these rooms you'll find battles of all kinds, from classic Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying to more modern campaigns.

And speaking of battles, outside the gaming area on the back balcony, members of the Society for Creative Anachronism will be offering sword fighting and other demos for attendees.

We're also in talks with top video game companies like Nintendo, Electronic Arts, and Sony to attend and offer visitors a chance to play some of their upcoming releases.

A more specific schedule will be released this spring. 

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America's Finest Comic Book Expo Programming

From the latest news in comic books and anime, to previewing favorite and upcoming movies and television shows, America's FInest has it all! We offer programming 24-hours a day over the course of the convention. Click here for our latest schedule.


The Opening Ceremony Returns

First held on America’s Finest Comic Book Expo’s fifth anniversary, the opening ceremony is a time-honored tradition where a select group of attendees get to rub elbows with one of the industry’s biggest stars. From comics creators to television icons, the AFCBE honored guest counts down to 9 a.m., when the Expo officially opens to the public. 

(Limited to 300 guests who enter a lottery to be among the lucky few; winners are contacted one month before the event. An additional fee applies, and it does not count toward the entrance fee into America’s Finest Comic Book Expo. All moneys gathered from this event are donated to the San Diego Literacy Society and help underprivileged youth learn to read.)



Background image courtesy of San Diego Convention Center Corporation.

Comic Book Expo Film Programming

Last year the hottest superhero team movie premiered at AFCBE, and this year it's happening again! And while we can't say the title just yet, we can tell you it's the other team, from the other movie studio, and it will be a blast! (Get it? "Blast!")

Other big news, The Ken Cinema is hosting a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening with a reunion featuring their original live cast, Crazed Imaginations. 

And we haven't forgotten our young attendees! We have the Muppet Movie Marathon featuring all the classic films, and we're told a certain green friend may make an appearing throughout the weekend. Check the events guide for more info.

Comic Book Expo Anime Programming

America's Finest Comic Book Expo knows you love anime, so we spotlight it in three dedicated rooms at the convention center. This year will feature more than 200 titles during the day and night, with numerous US premieres to be announced very soon.

This year will also see a room exclusively focusing on classic American-translated anime. We've gotten remastered versions of such shows as Kimba the White Lion, Starblazers, and Battle of the Planets to show off. Harmony Gold has also promised us yet another panel where they'll discuss a Robotech reboot or live action feature coming "very soon."

Check back here for more info!

Join the World-Famous Comic Book Expo Masquerade!


Don't miss the costume competition that keeps cosplayers awake at night! This year promises more than 60 solo and group entries (a total of approximately 230 people), and is scheduled to take three hours.

Contestants range from 5 to 85, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they are all vying for more than $10,000 in cash and prizes. 

Want to enter the 2018 competition? Sorry, you've missed the online registration deadline. But you can watch the fun!

Tickets for the main Hall H stage will be given out starting on Thursday at the convention's Masquerade desk in Lobby A. We will also be streaming the competition online. 

BIG NEWS! Ron Lionel and his agent, Sarah Cisneros, (of Heidi the High School Witch fame, and who was a huge hit at past masquerades) have promised to MC this year's event.  Let's hope it's less dramatic than past years. :-)