Comic Book Expo Film Programming

Last year the hottest superhero team movie premiered at AFCBE, and this year it's happening again! And while we can't say the title just yet, we can tell you it's the other team, from the other movie studio, and it will be a blast! (Get it? "Blast!")

Other big news, The Ken Cinema is hosting a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening with a reunion featuring their original live cast, Crazed Imaginations. 

And we haven't forgotten our young attendees! We have the Muppet Movie Marathon featuring all the classic films, and we're told a certain green friend may make an appearing throughout the weekend. Check the events guide for more info.

Comic Book Expo Anime Programming

America's Finest Comic Book Expo knows you love anime, so we spotlight it in three dedicated rooms at the convention center. This year will feature more than 200 titles during the day and night, with numerous US premieres to be announced very soon.

This year will also see a room exclusively focusing on classic American-translated anime. We've gotten remastered versions of such shows as Kimba the White Lion, Starblazers, and Battle of the Planets to show off. Harmony Gold has also promised us yet another panel where they'll discuss a Robotech reboot or live action feature coming "very soon."

Check back here for more info!