Hall H Rules of Order

Due to the overwhelming popularity of programs in Hall H, there are few safety rules:

  1. Enter and exit the room in an orderly manner.
  2. No rushing the stage.

  3. Do not throw anything at the stage, even if you think it’s harmless.

  4. No standing on chairs or yelling at panelists.

  5. For Q&A sessions, you must submit your written question to someone on the Programming Committee prior to approaching the designated microphones. Your question will be reviewed in advance. If you divert from your written question, the microphone will be cut off.

  6. Do not ask stupid questions. (Just kidding. But please be polite and respectful.)

  7. No eating stinky/noisy food in the room; if your lunch or snacks bother other attendees, you’ll be asked to leave.

  8. Only drinks with screw tops are allowed; if you spill your drink, you will be asked to clean it up, and then asked to leave.

  9. If you are asked to leave the room, you will need to take your belongings and leave. If you want to return, you will need to get back in line behind the other waiting attendees.

  10. You can leave to use the restroom and return to your seat, provided:

    1. Someone inside saves your seat for you.

    2. You take a restroom pass upon exiting.

    3. You return to the meeting room through the designated restroom exit door.

  11. You may not leave to get food or drinks and then expect to return to your seat.

    1. Do not say you are going to the restroom, take a restroom pass, and then attempt to smuggle food into the meeting room. We will find out the truth from other hungry fans, and you will be asked to leave and consume your food outside.

    2. Please see rule #7 about stinky food.

  12. No camping. Once programming ends for the night, you will be asked to leave the building.

With your help, we can make panel participation a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.